It's all in YOUR name.
Use your name to
Find out your fortune.
1. Write out your first and last name.
2. Find the matching number for each letter of your name.
3.Add up all the numbers
4. You will end up with a 2-digit number (38). Now add the first number to the second number. Keep adding until you have ONE number.
5. What does your lucky number say about you? Consult the lucky number chart below.
( 1 ) You are confident,outgoing, a natural leader ( even if you are bossy sometimes), and a pioneer!

( 2 ) You are caring and sensitive and enjoy helping others. You are good at making peace.

( 3 ) You are a creative, positive person, happy with life. For you, the eternal optimistic, the glass is always half full.
( 4 ) You are reliable And dependable, practical and down-to-earth, a good and faithful friend.

( 5 ) You have a good sense of humor and a witty and curious mind. You Get along with others.

( 6 ) You are giving and caring and will do well in business and handling money. Lots of money! you'll go far with your ideals.

( 7 ) You are Relaxed, calm and quiet, and a great thinker who dreams of a better world.

( 8 ) You are generous and trustworthy. A good organizer, you can handle responsibility and will persevere.

( 9 ) You are a charming, compassionate, and have an appealing personality. You seek to understand yourself and others.

By Izzy55597455